A way of life

My inherited passion for photography came from my father. His darkroom and place to escape resided in a large shed at the bottom of our garden. As a small child I remember vividly holding up the little film squares to the light, gazing at all the people and places he had photographed. The colours, dusty albums and smell of old film is an emotive connection to him and one that will stay with me for life. I am a mother of three charming and incredibly creative daughters, documenting their childhood is my passion project. I love to share the photographs of my daughters and enjoy hearing their memories of the moments that we have made together.

Photography is a way of life for me. The only one I can imagine and I am fortunate enough to make it my living. Capturing other peoples lives and documenting the ever changing world around us. I have a great and genuine interest in people and with this and my own life experiences I produce work that evokes emotion. I spend time getting to know people, understanding them, finding out what they want from their photographs, capturing them in their natural emotive state.

I know if you are reading this and are enjoying the work that is here that you have found yourself in the right place. Choosing the right style for you is so important. Selecting the right photographer as a person, even more so! The camera is a tool, the right photographer behind the camera can make the magic happen and this is what I set out to do. Helping you to feel at ease is important to me so that I can bring out your very best. Being photographed should feel like a pleasure and ever so slightly indulgent experience!

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Melissa + Mike

“"The photography was probably one of the most important aspects of our wedding planning to me. Choosing Victoria as our photographer was a no-brainer, she completely understood our desire for modern, naturalistic photography with 'no cheesy couple shots'! We were absolutely delighted with the results which captured the day perfectly. Victoria fitted seamlessly into the wedding party, capturing fantastic shots of the whole day while remaining completely unobtrusive.”

01 / 08