Possibly the most important search to begin with. What kind of photographs would you like for your family? Documentary, studio or editorial? When you are searching for a family photographer think about how your style will be reflected by the photographer you choose. Do you like the posing, the lighting used, the locations? Does it fit with who you are as a family? If you love more candid and natural poses then you will choose a photographer whose style is more documentary, capturing moments as they happen.

If you like a more posed style look out for a photographer who showcases that on their website.


Many photographers will specialise in an area of photography. Depending on the type of photographer you are looking for; newborn, children's portraits or wedding photography. There are many areas a photographer can specialise in, but if you would like a photographer who is going to work well with your family then it's important to see that their portfolio reflects that. You may love the portfolio of a boudoir photographer but they may not have the knowledge or experience to photograph small children who move at the speed of light! As a mother of three I understand a child's needs, unexpected moods or unpredictability. All of these things are actually the reasons why I love to photograph children!


Your photographer should be professional and as excited as you are about your family photoshoot. The most recurrent feedback I receive is how relaxed and easy I make the photoshoot feel for my clients, no matter what age they are. It's important for me that my clients are comfortable and enjoy themselves during their photoshoot. If you are shy about being photographed you will want a photographer who can bring out the best in you!


Ask friends and family which photographer they have experience with. Check online and on various social media platforms to get a feel for the person behind the camera. Personal recommendations for a family photographer is key. Everything can look glossy from the outside but you want to know you are going to be looked after well. Many of my clients have come back year after year and the majority of my work is from recommendations. I always aim to ensure my clients are happy with the whole experience and with the photographs they receive after the photography session.


Photography is an investment. It is something to treasure for future generations and something for your family to enjoy every day. Know how much you want to spend and decide if you are ok to go over your budget a little so that you can have the photographer you want. If your chosen photographer doesn't advertise their fees online it doesn't mean they will be out of your budget. Just ask! Make sure your photographer is upfront about all of the fees and there are no hidden costs that you are unaware of. Know what you are getting!